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ActivScout is a free social platform that plug’s into a club’s existing software. It has been designed to allow people to easily communicate and book their next court time on their mobile device.

Currently this Squash App is only available in Canada on the iPhone platform but will be coming to the US March 31, 2017 with the Android launch in May. The global squash community can anticipate their launch shortly after that.

  • Hassle-Free Coaching

    Wouldn't it be nice if you could simply just walk out on court and give a lesson? No collecting money, no worrying about who has paid and who hasn't, your lessons were simply coordinated back to back making you super efficient and you didn't even have to do the email dance back and forth with every lesson establish when you were available and when your student was available?...

  • Improve Faster

    When an athlete requests a lesson their goal is to improve. So how do you make learning faster and more efficient? How do you fit more into a traditional 45 minute lesson? Every coach is in possession of a wealth of knowledge that is unique to there coaching style. How can the athlete tap into that massive bank of knowledge? That is where the ActivScout Squash App comes in....

Instruction with feedback


Find a coach

With a quick and easy search

Review your coaches resume, select the day and time that suits your needs and book the lesson. Your money is held until the lesson is finished.

Set your lesson plan

Clarify your needs

The app makes it super easy to create your lesson plan and your coach can now understand your needs before you step on court.

Get a report card

Improvement requires feedback

Feed back and Homework creates inner focus on what you need to do if you are going to achieve your goals.

A Coaches Resource

Successful coaches all experience the same problem, they have fewer hour in a day to administer and organize their business. ActivScout is your administrator designed to help you with your business.

Canadian Endorsements

Sam Allen

Squash Instructor

So easy to use. Can't wait until it comes to the UK

Marco Antonio Toriz Caddo

Director and Squash Professional

Great App, looks like it's going to be easier to organize the lessons, training plans, and schedules, can't wait to try it

Jack Fairs

UWO Squash Coach

It is a perfect tool for anyone,coaches and players alike,wanting to take their game to he next level.

Johnny Wilson

Squash Pro in KW Ontario

Wow... Amazing!

Making it easy for Athletes and Parents

As a coach parents have been continually asking me how their son or daughter is doing in Squash. ActivScout is that response. Parents can take a more active role in understanding the ups and downs of their child’s progression. Open communication means a lot to parents, the children and the long-term success of a squash program. As a parent myself who regularly hands a child over to another coach, I want to understand what was covered and how she took to a new skill.

Creating a Cash Free Process

When talking to coaches I don't get much further than saying it looks after your receivables before they say I'm in.


Squash Calendar

For coaches who are busy the calendar becomes central to being efficient with back to back lessons.


Manage your Childs Profile

As a parent you have special privileges to manage multiple profiles including your own to book lessons and more.


Booking Muti-Lesson Packages

Anyone who offers bulk lesson packages will find this feature one of the more rewarding and fruitful.

Share Your Success

I am a coach and I want to be the best I can be. I want to promote the sport of squash. I want to fill my club with enthusiasts, and I am not the only one. Lets help each other to make this sport the best that it can be. Lets share our secretes.

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