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Who is ActivScout?

ActivScout is me, Rob Eberhard. I see myself as a jack of all trades. I am an MBA graduate with a keen eye on solving problems in business. I am also a Squash Instructor, UI App Developer and Racquet and Gear Distributor. I am deeply involved in our local squash community. Squash supports thousands of small businesses but unfortunately small businesses lack resources to run efficiently and optimize the way they service their clients. I created ActivScout to fill in those gaps and help others who love the sport as much as I do.

As an Instructor I am the junior coach at the Evergreen Squash Club in North Vancouver Canada where we have a mature junior program with over 50 kids. I also have a brand new junior program at my home club in Whistler with 19 active juniors and another 30 semi involved kids. Mature programs need help administering to programs while new programs are really challenged to simply create that culture of youth in squash from scratch. My goal is to provide administrative assistance for both scenarios and help with adult programs as well.

I am always looking for partnership opportunities that will improve the apps ability to service the squash playing community. Contact me with any questions that you may have.

Rob Eberhard MBA
Whistler Squash Club Administrator and Coach

Give me a shout, I want to hear from you. How can I help your squash community?

8321 Fissile Lane
Whistler BC, Canada  V0N 1B8
1 (604) 902-2978

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