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An App for Squash Coaches

Once configured by the user the app becomes a specialized tool just for athletes who have a passion for the sport of squash. This app is designed for the squash community, to organize and administer to the learning process. The goal is to provide more value for each student.

Designed by an NCCP III squash coach and distributed for free in the hopes of increasing the popularity of the sport that we love.



An individuals basic profile is defined by the user or can be defined by a parent but the real benefit of the profile is the dynamic component that is build up with each lesson the user has with an instructor.

Daily Organizer

Organizing and setting alerts within your calendar are the obvious features that are expected from a calendar but the calendar also serves to provide knowledge of upcoming training sessions that each athlete can sign up for. The calendar is also linked to the coaches availability so when you are requesting a lesson the athletes ability to book a lesson is dependent on the remaining slots that have not already been booked by other athletes.



Athletes can elect to work with the primary coaches that work at the club they belong to or they can seek out coaches elsewhere in their city or in a destination that they plan on traveling to.

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